Laughing, Loving, Living  A Stress FREE Life

What Dr. Smith's Clients Have to Say...

“The session was a huge success! The information that you provided that the stress-free atmosphere that you created were a welcome addition to our Associates’ Day.” 

- U.S. Cellular Amber Chapman Corporate Training Manager 

“What a terrific presentation you gave in our office…! I am still hearing comments from our associates…they have all stated that they learned a lot from you and have taken many of your points into consideration into their daily lives.” 

- Marriott Office Manager Marie Dudek 

“I could not resist writing and letting you know how much we enjoyed your presentation… The issues discussed are vital to the success and safety of our customers as well as our installers.” 

- Facilities Resource Group, Inc. Richard Sidor President 

“I just want to thank you again for your presentation on how to handle stress and live a healthy life. There was just the right amount of humor and facts to keep everyone’s attention.” 

- Clarion Hotel Tracie Rasic Human Resources 

“Whatever you do, wherever you are, you stand out. You shine, you dazzle, you inspire us by sharing your light and giving something to aim for in our daily life.” 

- Maywood Phoenix Homes Lina Arana Senior Service Coordinator Association Testimonials

"Your talk helped our people how to cope better with our modern day lifestyle.” 

- Automotive Service Association, Inc Henry Benck 

“I especially appreciated your ability to tailor your presentation to the needs of our court reporters.”

- Illinois Shorthand Reporters Association Nancy Davis Executive Director 

“You have great ideas and I enjoyed your presentation very much.” 

- North Suburban Dietetic Association 

“You gave us solid advice on how to improve our health forecasts by reducing and dealing with stress in our lives…” 

- Chicago Area Music Teachers Association Julie Lovinson School Testimonials 

“You made the beginning of the year an enjoyable experience…Or teachers have successfully implemented your suggestions and they are pleased with their results.” 

- Jose De Diego Community Academy Lawrence McDougald Educational Coordinator, Principal

“The humorous and relaxed atmosphere which you created were just what was needed at this time of our school year.” 

- Carl Schurz High School Sharon Rae Bender, Ph.D. Principal

“Each teacher was impressed with your presentation and they already adopted some of your healthy suggestions. Your expertise and knowledge of the topic established your credibility and engaged the audience.” 

- St. Vincent Ferrar School Ms. Frances Mazzulla Principal

“Your dynamic attitude was contagious and you geared the subject matter to our specific needs.” 

- Chicago College of Commerce Linda Pearson Records Director/Instructor Linda 

“Wellness and How to Handle Stress, was the perfect topic for our busy staff. The practical tips you gave us on exercise and nutrition will certainly make us healthier.” 

- Triton Community College, Tammy Basile Director of Publications and Media Services 

“I enjoyed hearing you presentation, and was impressed with the way that used to entertain and inform your audience.” 

- ElmhurstCollege Amy Swarr, PhD Wellness Education Counselor 

“Your workshop provided the students with a working knowledge of how intellectual and physical development work together toward individual growth.” 

- Columbia College Sharon Wilson-Taylor Associate Dean of Students 

“You put everyone at ease and lessen our stress immediately with your humorous presentation.” 

- Portage Park Elementary School John P. Riley, EdD Principal 

“Your approach to the topic was relaxed and humorous and informative for all of us which makes me confident that my staff walked away with some great information.” 

- Holy Trinity High School Charlene R. Szumilas Principal Other Testimonials

“With the type of work that we do and the conditions that we face, the knowledge we gained from your presentation has benefitted us all.” 

- Town of Cicero Fire Department Lt. Richard Bocek Training Officer 

“The information was very easy to understand and entertaining. Dr. Smith, once again, thank you for you’re a life long learning experience…” 

- Bricklayers Local 21 of Illinois Andrew Gasca Program Director 

“In all the years as a Lion Club member, I have listened to several hundred speakers, I am very impressed with your ability to hold the attention of the entire group during the whole presentation.” 

- Northwest Lions Club Paul Cancillarie