Laughing, Loving, Living  A Stress FREE Life

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Chiropractor Jeffrey Smith presents over 50 seminars a year throughout the United States and Canada. If you would like to have him bring his program to your association or group contact Dr. Smith. Speaking Services & 

Program Descriptions 

Stress Busting - They will laugh while they learn what unique lifestyle is best for their particular needs. Discover the truth about Sickness vs. Wellness. 

Increase Energy - Decrease absenteeism. Use humor as a stress-reliever. Prevent Injuries A fresh approach to taking care of your back. Prevent problems associated with sitting or standing too long. 

Work Until You're 114 Years Old - The best diet and exercise program. Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Peak Performance How to recognize which activities are most appropriate for your life, so you get what you "really" want.

Handle Change Better - Increase productivity. Laugh your way to the 'good life'. 

Please Note: These presentations usually run from 60-90 minutes. However, Dr. Smith is happy to tailor the length of his presentation to your specific time requirements.